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"One of the most important days of my life was when I learned to ride a bicycle"- Michael Palin

Croix De Fer Rides Again!

A Superb ride out on the Croix De Fer

On some off road trackway and marsh lanes.











Colnago Single Speed Conversion and TLC

Finished  conversion on this lovely Colnago road bike it had been left neglected in a garage for 20 years!










Vintage Motobecane Bicycle

A lovely vintage bicycle ready for EBay

dsc 1032

dsc 1029

dsc 1033

dsc 1040

Classico Bici

I met these splendid chaps at the Tweed Run 2014 this Sat and had a great time talking about restorations, bikes, L’Eroica, bikes, attire and did I mention bikes?


What comes across from talking to Mike and Paul is that without a doubt they are both very passionate about vintage bicycles and restoration, I’Eroica and Yorkshire and they are involved in the new sanctioned L’Eroica Britainnia.

I doff my hat to them!

A little bit of copy


“Some are men and women of a certain age who yearn for the bikes of yore that they owned in their youth, others are a younger generation who appreciate the classic lines of the pre-1987 road bike.

Due to this enthusiasm cycling events have sprung into being that cater for the enthusiasts. Probably the most supported of these events is the L’Eroica, meeting in the Tuscany region of Italy each year. The first meeting of L’Eroica took place in 1997, attracting only 52 riders; but has now grown to the extent that in 2013 it attracted 5,000 riders from all over Europe.”

Classic, or Heroic, Bicycles are racing cycles built before 1987.

Classic lines, classic technology, classic performance.

For more info please click HERE

Tweed Run 2014


Sun, Tweed and Bicycles!

What more could you ask for?

A great day out was had by all, meeting many friends and making some new

and of course talking about Bikes!

A big thank you goes out to Ted and the wonderful marshal’s who made the day possible!

Also thanks to Mike and Paul from Classico Bici for good company and good conversation!

Please click on the link below to see all the photo’s of The Tweed Run 2014

Tweed Run 2014


The Bistro at Haguelands

The Bistro

With a warm and friendly welcome and a superb range of drinks and food,

A great venue when cycling across the Marsh when you need to refuel!

The Bistro

The Bistro at Haguelands is an exciting restaurant located at Haguelands Village, Kent.

You need look no further if you’re looking for a quality restaurant in Kent – our delicious, authentic menu is sure to tickle your taste buds.

This comfortable Kentish Bistro offers exciting culinary delights sourced with fresh and interesting ingredients from Haguelands farm shop. We operate an open-plan, light and airy restaurant with a rustic yet contemporary feel.

Here at The Bistro, you can sit, observe and enjoy the preparation and cooking of your dish, allowing you to witness just how good fresh local produce can taste!

We have a very talented and experienced chef who creates exceptionally mouth-watering dishes – using local Kentish produce wherever possible.

The freshness of our food is complimented through its preparation – you simply can’t get a better taste for home grown food and local produce than here at The Bistro

perfect for those lazy Sundays or even just for a pleasant dining experience.

Click Here for more info.

Ho! Ho! Ho!…….

If you are looking for Xmas presents for a ardent fan of the Bicycle then look no further!

The splendid chaps at Whitstable T-Shirt Company can provide a many varied collection of T-Shirts, Bags, Hoodies and Accessories for your cycling pleasure!

Quick there is only Two weeks till Santa gets stuck in your Chimney (and eats all your mince pies and drinks your best single malt!)



New Cycleway from Godmersham to Canterbury!

I have just ridden the picturesque new cycleway from Godmersham to Canterbury.

Starting of from Wye which nestles at the foot of the north downs, I followed NCR 18 towards Canterbury and picked up the New Cycleway at Godmersham, it then follows the undulating contour of the downs until reaching Chartham where the route follows alongside the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Stour all the way into the historic city of Canterbury.


Village of Wye


The Start at Godmersham





Graffiti Sheep!….The Wool Posse init!


The beautiful Stour!


Gows Restaurant


Gows Restaurant

If you are in London Town I must recommend Gows Restaurant

The food is sublime and elegant without unnecessary fuss and over complication and tastes outstanding.

The Service is graceful and smooth, with knowledgeable staff.

in fact the whole Bonhomie is perfect!

Highly Recommended!

Gows Restaurant click Here

A Pleasant Sea Front Jaunt

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